Network Of Excellence In Content-Based Semantic Scene Analysis And Information Retrieval

The aim of the SCHEMA Network of Excellence is to bring together a critical mass of industrial partners, end users, universities and research centers in order to improve the systematic exchange of information on Content-Based Semantic Scene Analysis & Information Retrieval.

Among the objectives of SCHEMA was the design of a general architecture for content-based analysis, representation indexing and retrieval. The system supports high level (semantic) descriptors and the integration of visual media indexing and retrieval with other modalities (like text and audio based indexing and retrieval). SCHEMA gives the opportunity to research institutions and organizations to take this system as a test-bed and a common dataset for the evaluation and comparison of different modules and interfaces within CBIR context.

In any given project, if things do not run smoothly things have a very good chance of going wrong. Without good organization things seem to fall apart. For example, if you are running a business but you let you financial records stay unorganized than you have a good chance of missing something like a late payment. Or you mighthave gathered information and statics that could help your business abigger success. Many online businesses such as internet clothing stores or online casino's use this method for example to succeed in their verycompetitive fields. That is why science experiments are so structured, and if the experiment is being run properly information is recorded with very strict organization. Information that you gather can answer so many questions and be very useful. However, if you are not organized you wont get anything out of that information.

Also, it may be useful to share information with other businesses or research groups. It is the same idea that you should learn from other people mistakes rather than making your own. If other people have gathered information you should build on what they have discovered rather than do the same research over and over again. You can always learn something from someone who has been where you are or is where you are trying to get to.

If you own a business there may be a similar business that has been around longer. They can offer you information about what has worked for them and also help you discover what possible pit falls you might want to expect. If you are prepared for rough patches that might occur you are bound to be much better equipped to deal with that situation when it arises. Or maybe you are wanting to trade stocks or make certain investments for your business. You can look at collected data on how the stock market has faired in the past. It can highlight trends in the market. This should help you pick stocks that have a better chance of doing well and making you more money. It should also help you notice trends and signs of when certain stocks or the whole stock market might be about to face difficulties. In this case you will be more likely to get out and avoid a financial loss in those situations. Perhaps you are not a business at all, but are trying to research something or develop something. You can share information with other individuals involved in the same project and build off each other's research so you don't all have to waste time doing the same experiments. There are endless possibilities for what you can do with the data you collect. However, if it is not organized or you do not have a system that makes sharing that information easy, you may find you don't get much from it.

This is a huge task, but it can make a big difference to a lot of different individuals/companies. It can help those individuals with a international business degree analysis the potential of the different business opportunities they are presented with. Not every business deal will work, and when it relies on something content based, like a proposal, you want to make sure it is going to be as successful as possible. Individuals with organizational development jobs can test out different interfaces to see what will be most helpful to the company before they purchase anything. When things run smoothly and companies can exchange information with little effort, it is much easier for projects to get finished faster and business to be successful. Good organization is how to make easy money. When things run smoothly you just have to worry about the important things like quality, and then the money comes much more readily. Being organized and able to analyze certain content can make your business's personal finance needs more clearly defined so you can meet them easier.

One example where this software might come in handy is in trading on the stock market. If you or your company does any trading at all, analysis of lots of content is helpful and necessary. You want to know the trends of who is doing well, and who isn't doing that great. You want to know if your information indicates there might be a trend for future rise in profits or a fall out. Content analysis has endless opportunities, it is just necessary for you to decide what you want analyzed and how to use that information. Utilizing SCHEMA can help you get this information.

If you wish to be part of the SCHEMA Network there are ways to make that wish become a reality. You can figure out what knowledge you will need to be useful, and check out what programs offered will help you acquire that knowledge. Then you can get a training certificate or degree in that area and be well on your way to being able to be part of the SCHEMA Network of Excellence and helping the business world run smoothly.

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